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Sunday, May 6, 2012
I know I am so bad at this blogging thing!!!! I don't know why I find it so difficult to keep up on and I just noticed I haven't updated it since December!! Bad Kassie!!! I am making a promise to get better at blogging and posting swatches on here as I know it is sometimes difficult to see them in videos!!!

 So as my first post back on the bandwagon here is the video I posted the other day of products I used this week. I got this idea from an amazing girl I found here on youtube named Kristinn aka MsKristinn321 on YouTube. She posts weekly videos of products she is going to use for that week. The purpose of the makeup basket is to rotate your makeup out so you aren't using the same products all the time and so you can show some love to the products that have been neglected for far too long. It is so easy to push makeup aside when we add to our collection and we end up forgetting about all the great products we previously loved!! This will be my second week doing this and I have to admit I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this concept! It has really helped me to rediscover my collection and shop my stash. It is also exciting picking out which blush, eyeshadows, mascaras to use for the week as well! It is sort of like shopping without spending any money because I am "shopping my stash."

I will be doing these videos weekly (towards the end of the week) so I can give mini reviews of what worked, what didn't, combos I enjoyed, etc.

Follow me along in this new journey and I challenge all of you to do the same!!!

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  1. Thanks for this idea Kassie, I will be adding this series to my youtube channel along with Empties and crediting you for the ideas of course! I just love you!



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